AVG Capital Partners is a private equity fund that was established in 2007
in order to provide investment opportunities in various sectors of the Russian
agribusiness industry - from crop & cattle-raising to FMCG production.

AVG Capital Partners investment portfolio exceeds $200M in
private investments

AVG Capital Partners employs over 3000 people

AVG Capital Partners portfolio companies operate in six regions
of the Russian Federation

AVG Capital Partners is highly involved in social and charity events

AVG Capital Partners Investment Portfolio

Bashkir Meat Enterprise

One of the largest pork producers in the
Bashkortostan region

Production capacity is currently 46,000 tons per year,
with the capability to reach 140,000 tons (pork in live-weight).

Further development implies construction of new pig-breeding
complexes, a breeding & genetic centre as well as
meat-processing facilities.

Vegetable Factory

Large-scale greenhouse project - 37.6 ha.
of greenhouse complexes in four regions throughout
the Russian Federation.

Production of 20,000 tons of fresh vegetables per year,
with expansion opportunities.

Chishminsky Sugar Refinery

managed by AVG Capital Partners

One of the leading enterprises in the
Bashkortostan region

Sugar beet & raw sugar processing capacity are
3,000 and 400 tons per day, respectively

Supply area is more than 21,000 ha.

Bashkir-Agroinvest and Izobilie

managed by AVG Capital Partners

Bashkir-Agroinvest LLC is one of the largest agricultural
enterprises in the Bashkortostan region. With a total
farmland area of over 89,000 ha., the enterprise’s total
production of grain crops and sugar beet are among the
highest in the region.

Izobilie LLC (irrigated farmlands) provides commercial
soybean & corn cultivation using modern irrigation techniques,
with a total area of 6700 ha. in the Stavropol region.

AgTech Ventures by AVG

A specialised venture branch of
AVG Capital Partners Fund.

Investment in innovation-based &
technology start-ups serving agribusiness.