Construction based on Davlekanovо Grain Processing Plant No.1, LLC of Compound Feed Mill became a logical continuation of “Tavros” Group Company vertical integration strategy. Davlekanovо Grain Processing Plant No.1, LLC completely meets requirements for processing, storage and transshipment of produced by Bashkir-Agroinvest, LLC grain products, also fully covers consumption meets Bashkir Meat Company, LLC requirement in complete-feed supply.

Modernization of Davlekanovо Grain Processing Plant No.1, LLC was launched in 2016 year. The first starge of reconstruction Davlekanovо Grain Processing Plant No.1 LLC project was put into operation capacity for compound feed 20 mts per hour capacity in May 2017 year, and right in June produced the first compound feed commercial lot put into operation. The second stage of the complete feed mill was put into operation at the beginning of 2018 year, it allowed to increase twice volume of produced goods.


The elevator one-time storage capacity is 159.1 thousand tons


  • Silo storage (vertical) - 118.1 thousand tons
  • On floor storage warehouses - 41 thousand tons

Dry volume - 4, 5 thousand tons per day

Reception capacity - up to 5 thousand tons per day

Davlekanovо Grain Processing Plant No.1, LLC has national accreditation for the storage of grain from the interventional fund.


Granular feed production capacity is 40 tons per hour / 800 tons per day / up to 280 thousand tons per annum.

Full automation of the production process.

Available own modern laboratory to check raw materials and finished products quality and safety.

The company is capable to produce all kinds of compound feed for all types of farm animals and poultry.

Bulk shipping capacities - 80 tons per hour


Grain feed product 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rank

Feed mixtures

Prescribed compound feed

Services in:

Reception and shipment by truck and rail way

Drying, processing, storage and transshipment of grain and oil seeds.


Galeev Azat Anisovitch

Phone: +7 34768-254 52


Regarding raw compounding material supply apply to

Morozova Natal’a Viktorovna

Phone: +7 927-080 9498


Regarding equipment, materials and spare parts supply apply to

Boev Alexander Yr’evitch

Телефон: +7 917-381 2259


Flegentov Sergey Pavlovitch

Phone: +7 495-510 6383 ~ 1156
+7 499-346 0808 ~ 7201