Chishmy Sugar Plant, OJSC

Chishmy Sugar Plant, OJSC is a leading industry enterprise in the
Bashkortostan region. Word combination «Chishminsky Sugar» has been long
associated with the refinery trademark. Established in 1971. Sugar beet
processing capacity is 4 000 tons per day. Supply area is more
than 21 000 hectares.

Address: Mira St., 1, Chishmy settlement, Republic of Bashkortostan, 452173

Telephone: +7 (347) 972-86-66


granulated sugar (in bags of 50 kg each, as
per State Standard ГОСТ 33222-2015)

dried pulp (in bulk, as per State Standard ГОСТР 54-901)

beet molasses (in bulk, as per State Standard ГОСТ 30561-2013)

Potential supply of palletized sugar
(1 000 kg each pallet)

optional delivery principles (International Commercial Terms 2000)

consignment by carload (СРТ destination station)

ex works (EXW sugar refinery)

• motor vehicle delivery (CPT or DDP)

For goods purchase questions
please contact:

Irina Markeeva
Valeriy Ponkratov

Telephone: +7 (347) 972-82-22,
+7 (985) 773-32-10